Prospective graduate & undergraduate students

✿ Are you passionate about protecting natural ecosystems and the diversity of life on our planet?  You are not alone!  Consider majoring in Conservation Biology and Ecology within the School of Life Sciences (watch the video in that link!).  And definitely join the Nature@ASU community to meet like-minded students and faculty members who share your vision and can help you to learn how to make a difference.

✿ If you are interested in working in the Hall Lab for your M.S., Ph.D., or for undergraduate research experience , please read more about how to get involved here.

Letter of Reference

If you have worked with me or are in my research group, or if you performed well in one of my courses (and I have interacted with you personally), most likely I will be happy to provide you with a letter of reference for a job, future study, etc. I will be able to write a better letter for you if I know something about you.

These are the things I will need from you:

  1. At least 2 weeks notice
  2. Deadline
  3. Email or physical address to which the letter is to be sent
  4. Description of the position, and why you want it (probably your cover letter for the job or personal statement will suffice)
  5. Your updated resume and/or CV
  6. If relevant, grade you received in the class you took from me
  7. An email reminder just before the deadline (and make sure to check to see that my letter has been received)


I teach both graduate and undergraduate courses in the Schools of Life Sciences and Sustainability.

•  BIO 494/598 Soil Ecology
•  BIO 494/598 Ecosystem Ecology

•  BIO 494/598 Soil Ecology
•  BIO 494/598 Ecosystem Ecology
•  BIO 322:  Conservation of Biodiversity

Past courses:
•  BIO 319:  Introduction to Environmental Science (non-majors)
•  SOS 598:  Integrated Socioecological Systems (IGERT/SOS workshop)
•  BIO 311:  Biology and Society

Resources for graduate students and post-docs