Are you an student who loves the outdoors and wildlife?  Do you wish to pursue a career in conservation biology or ecology?  If so, do these things:

1. If you are at ASU, consider joining one or both of these active and exciting student groups, Nature at ASU and the Central Arizona Chapter of the Society for Conservation Biology (   These two groups will be able to help you find a community of like-minded students and get the experience you need for your resume to successfully compete for a job in ecology, conservation, or wildlife-related fields.  I am the faculty advisor for both groups, so if you have additional questions, let me know (email:

2. Sign up to receive a weekly digest from the ECOLOG job board.  ECOLOG is the the community job board of the Ecological Society of America.  Undergraduate internships and opportunities are posted here all year long, but especially from December to June because people are looking for motivated summer interns.  To join the community, follow the instructions on this page.

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