Who:  Allyson Shaw, Senior

Major:  Conservation Biology & Ecology

Summer job: Biologist, Environmental Planning Group, Phoenix, AZ

What I did:  One of the many field jobs I had this summer was to look for raptor nests along a transmission line where the city is doing maintenance. My job was to identify where the nests were to make sure the helicopters doing the maintenance don’t disturb them. My field team and I also stopped by all the potential helicopter pads to look for desert tortoise burrows so the maintenance activities didn’t disturb those either!

Salary: $10-18/hr

How I got this job:  I have taken the advice to say “yes” to interesting opportunities that come my way.  I got this job through my professional network.  A woman in my lab group at ASU is friends with someone at this company, which is how I found out about the opportunity and applied.